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The college has a botanical garden dedicated to the collection, cultivation preservation and display of wide range of plants labelled with their botanical names. The Department of Botany hosts significant living plant collections preserved in the botanical garden.


A well maintained herbarium is an asset to the department of Botany. It has a fine collection of preserved plant specimens and associated data which is used for scientific study. The specimens are used as reference material in describing the plant taxa and types.


The college has a well maintained garden adding to the panoramic setting of the college with enchanting greenery. It includes ornamental plants grown for their flowers, foliage’s and overall appearance. The watering for these plants are done using sprinklers in which the stored rain water from rain water pits are being used. The big trees planted provide a shelter and relaxing areas for the students. The students also actively participate in the growing of trees.

Rubber plantation

The College owns five acres of land near to the college campus. A total of 1350 rubber plants have been planted. Five hundred plants are being tapped on alternate days providing 60-70 litres of latex. These plants provide a natural beauty and shade to the campus.