Experiential learning trip to Idukki on 04 and 05 November, 2023.

In the third semester of their BA in English, 33 students, accompanied by four teachers, embarked on a learning trip to Idukki district in Kerala on November 4th and 5th, 2023. The primary objective was to gain a firsthand understanding of the cultural, geographical, and historical significance of this tranquil hilly region. The places they visited included Ramakkalmedu, renowned for its breathtaking scenery and windmills; Thangalpara, a sacred site with cultural importance; Kalvari Hills, offering views of Kerala’s largest dam reservoir, the Idukki Arch Dam; Kuravan Kurathi Mala, a location of mythological importance mentioned in the ancient epic of Ramayana; and the Pine Forests, a man-made forest in Vagamon. The trip was enhanced with a hiking adventure at Ramakkalmedu. The students were actively involved in organizing and conducting the trip, providing them with valuable learning experiences.

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