Energy Conservation Policy


To tackle the depletion of available energy resources, it is our duty to make the future generation aware of the significance of energy conservation. With the objective of ensuring the maximum utilization of the limited resources and elimination of wastage, various methods are implemented by the institution.


  1. Promote the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle
  2. To create awareness among the stakeholders regarding the greenhouse emissions due to unrestrained consumption of energy
  3. Efficient use of the available resources without wastage
  4. Harness and preserve renewable energy resources like water, sunlight and biomass to achieve energy independence
  5. To develop strategies to counter the rising energy demands of our times


  1. Providing awareness regarding the energy consumption by conducting various programmes like awareness classes, observation of days, activities etc.
  2. Reduction if electricity, plastic and water usage inside the campus
  3. Implementing effective management of waste water projects
  4. Replacement of conventional lighting system with LED bulbs and tubes
  5. Solar panels are installed to utilize solar energy
  6. Water conservation through rain water harvesting and open well recharge system
  7. Energy audit is being conducted periodically to identify the use and wastage of energy
  8. Use of energy efficient equipment in the campus
  9. To reduce energy consumption and wastage, maximum ventilation is provided in the buildings.