Energy Conservation Campaign- A Community Outreach Programme

1.Name of the programme


Energy Conservation Campaign
2.Aim, Objectives, and Scope of the programme


To convey the importance of energy conservation.

To contribute towards the energy demand of the society in future.

To share the knowledge and concept of energy conservation with the local community.

3.Name of the coordinator/organizing     secretary


Mr. Sabeer V
4.Date of programme


5.Mode of the programme(offline/online)


6.Total number of   attendees/participants


7.Organizing body


Department of Physics and Physics Club
8.Organizing committee members


Mr. Muhammed Abdul Hakkeem C, Mr. Sabeer V, Ms. Hanna PC, Ms. Rinsha K, Ms. Fathima Jasni CP
9.Students’ involvement in organizing the programme


Office bearers of Physics Club as the Student Coordinators
10.Detailed report of the programme


As a community outreach program, department of Physics and Physics Club conducted an energy conservation campaign on 27/03/2023. Students of Physics Club assembled LED bulbs having intensity required for household requirements and donated to the houses in the vicinity of the college. Moreover, a number of pamphlets describing the tips for reducing energy consumption at home also were distributed. Mr. Sabeer V welcomed the gathering. Mr. Muhammed Abdul Hakkeem inaugurated the program. Ms. Hanna PC delivered the vote of thanks.
11.Outcome, Evaluation, and results of the programme


Students were motivated to do more for the conservation of energy and the use of renewable energy sources.

The public were made aware of the tips for reduced power consumption at homes


12.Signature of the organizing secretary



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