Dynamic Campus Refresh Program

T he Unity College Alumni Association (UCAA)organized a dynamic Campus Refresh Program on January 19, 2024, at Azadi Square. The event, focused on engaging students in various spot events, aimed to revitalize campus life and foster a sense of community spirit among attendees. The program commenced with a series of spot events designed to promote active participation and friendly competition among students. The event included insightful “Just a Minute” discussions on three notable societal themes: Empowerment of Women: A concise discussion highlighted the importance of empowering women by providing equal opportunities, support, and recognition for their contributions across all spheres of life. How do you want your teachers to be?: Students reflected on the qualities they value in educators, emphasizing traits such as knowledge, compassion, dedication, and the ability to inspire and mentor students effectively. How to create an eco-friendly society: Participants explored practical strategies and collective responsibility in adopting sustainable practices to protect the environment and promote ecological balance. The culmination of these discussions saw three deserving students being awarded prizes for their outstanding contributions to the topics. Irfana and Mubeena, both in their fifth semester BSc Chemistry, demonstrated exceptional insight and engagement on the subjects discussed. Safa, in her first semester BSc. Chemistry, exhibited commendable understanding and perspective on the societal issues addressed. Dr. Jamsheena, UCAA Secretary along with with other UCAA members efficiently coordinated and managed the program. Mubeena, in her role as the Student Coordinator, demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and unwavering dedication throughout the organization and execution of the program.

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