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The department was started in 1999. The course offered is subsidiary (complementary) course for B.Sc. Computer Science (Main) and B.Sc. Chemistry (Main) students. As per schemes and syllabus of University of Calicut the subjects are taught in first four semesters of the program.

Message From HOD

The Department of Physics focuses on enhancing the teaching and learning of physics to the
benefit of local communities and humanity, with an emphasis on nurturing excellent human
resources. The staff members of the Department have played an invaluable role in its
outstanding performance in various academic and administrative fields. The Department has
always been committed to enabling technical and conceptually rich physics learning using
modern pedagogies enhanced by technology. In addition to undertaking various administrative
responsibilities, teachers in the Department are vigilant in increasing their efficiency and
knowledge by attending seminars, workshops and refresher courses and are actively indulged
in organizing such academic events for students.


  • To generate new concepts with practical thinking and multidimensional applicability of Physics in other Science programmes.
  • To Induce ethical values and spirit of social commitment.
  • To provide hands on experiences on various experiments and measuring instruments.


  • To equip students to understand physical principles and phenomena by incorporating theories with experiments.
  • To contribute to the development of humanity by learning to apply physical principles in daily life.



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Course Plan

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  1.  Laboratory

A well-equipped General Physics & Electronics Laboratory for B.Sc Physics Complementary  course
Major equipments available in the lab are:

  • Spectrometer.
  • Diffraction Gratings.
  • Travelling microscope.
  • Newton’s Ring Apparatus.
  • Melde’s string
  • Sodium Vapour lamp
  • Mercury vapour lamp
  • Potentiometer.
  • Carey-Fosters Bridge.
  • Circular coil.
  • Fly wheel
  • Torsion pendulum

Electrical and electronic measuring instruments

  1. One Astronomical telescope.
  2. One Plus Android TV 65 U1S.
  3. \


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