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History is a very dynamic field of study that includes the past, present, and future. It examines the present in light of the past with an eye toward the future. The study of history allows one to become more sensitive to the complexities of the present. This, in turn, shapes the students' minds for a broader and more complete understanding of the world around them. History not only covers the evolution of mankind from the past to the present, but also the cultural evolution of various arts, and human relations within and outside the community. Furthermore, it discusses state formations, nation building, colonial struggles, freedom movements, world wars, globalisation, and other topics in both the Indian and global contexts. Along with Mass Media, History students can pursue careers in teaching, publishing, administrative services, archaeology, mass media etc.

Department at A Glance

Established in 1991, the Department of History began as a single faculty department providing support for the B.A. English programme. The department became a full-fledged degree department in the 2001-2002 academic year with the introduction of a B.A History Degree programme under self-financing scheme. In 2010, the degree programme of the Department came under the government aided scheme of the Kerala government. In 2011, three faculty members were appointed permanently in the department. Currently it has three permanent faculty members and two guest lecturers. At present, the department has 195 students enrolled. Except for a few, the majority of Department students are from the Malappuram district. Semester system was implemented in the department in 2009. In 2009-10 academic year onwards, semester system has been following for the UG programme.

Message From HOD

On behalf of the entire History community, welcome!

Since its inception, Department of History has been a part of K.A.H.M Unity Women’ College Manjeri. When this Institution was founded in 1991 with three courses, Mr. Moideen Thottassery taught subsidiary courses for BA English Programme especially British History & World History. The Department grown with the introduction of BA History programme in 2001 and the appointment of three permanent faculty in 2011. Now, we have 4 faculty including one Govt. Guest faculty and 195 students. We offer 18 courses, including a project work in the final year of the UG programme. In the department, we have dedicated faculty with research experience and a Bachelor of Education. They conduct research and present their findings at various seminars. Faculty are approachable and friendly to students. Histoblog, the department’s blog, is a platform for sharing department activities and study materials with students and the general public. Every year, students can also enrol in the various certificate courses offered by the department. We organise study trips to North India as well as field trips to local sites to give students the opportunity to learn through experience. The majority of our graduates are involved in various curricular and co-curricular activities both on and off campus. Our graduates prefer to continue their education by enrolling in various programmes, particularly the Master of Arts and Bachelor of Education in the Social Sciences.

Please email or call if I can do anything to help further your interest in studying History at K.A.H.M Unity Women’s College Manjeri.


  • To instil in students a passion for learning about the past to enable them gain a better understanding of the contemporary world.
  • To make students aware about how historical study can contribute to human betterment and a more hopeful future.
  • To enable students to develop and articulate their historical understanding that prepares them for further studies in History and various competitive examinations.
  • To encourage Students to conduct research on local history and thus develop their ability to analyse, assess evidence and articulate their findings.


To mould empowered young women, having intellectual curiosity and honesty, instilled with maturity and courage in her actions, and conscious about her country’s rich history and culture.


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