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Commerce has emerged as one of the most potential pursuits in the wake of industrialization, economic development and techno-management revolution. It has grown from a subject to a full -fledged faculty in the most of the universities and colleges and had acquired a pride place amongst different academic disciplines. The growing phenomena of globalization, Liberalization and privatization has been influencing, commerce education. The technological revolution has further provided new dimensions. E-bnaking, e-financing, e-investment, paperless trading and governance have been gaining importance all over the world. At the same time the outsourcing business, call centers, small business operation, IT based Services etc. are expanding fast. Commerce is considered as one of the most popular career options in India. Commerce education is the backbone of the business and serial development of the nation. It covers wide area of business and society. Further it provides skill oriented education to student and society. It is in this context, department of commerce is offering two undergraduate programmes, viz. with Co-operation as specialization and with Computer Application as Vocational subject. Kerala enjoys the privilege of having the strongest Co-operative movement in the country providing job opportunities to lakhs of people. Careers in Co-operative organizations are particularly attractive to the women folk. The vocational programme in computer application equips students to meet the challenges in an ever changing IT and industrial sector.

Message From HOD

Hearty welcome to all to the PG Department of Commerce, with a legacy of over thirty years. At present, the department offers three programmes; B.Com Cooperation, B.Com Computer Application and M.Com and roughly 400 students are studying in a year in this department. Our vision is ‘employment through enterprise’. Department maintains excellent infrastructure, young, hardworking and motivating faculties to fulfill the learning outcome to the best possible extent. We feel pretty much proud that our students reached far and wide of the globe accepting many assignments. Academic achievements like university ranks for our students empower us to remain our goodwill intact. The department strongly believe in an integrated education of excellent education and service to the industry. A few MOU is signed and a few more is on the anvil to offer platform for the students to enable experimental learning like OJT, project work, field visit, IV etc possible. We also committed to give not only class room education but also to give many platforms for the students to develop leadership qualities, kindle spirit of patriotism, and aware social responsibilities etc. Tutorial system helps to reduce the lacuna between slow and advanced learners. Innovative digital blended learning system, helps the students to get new pleasant learning experiences. I do believe that the faculties and students strive hard to manifest higher level of professionalism and to remain globally competitive. Looking forward positively for your continued support and suggestions.


Inculcating entrepreneurial traits among women in Malabar region


Employment through enterprise


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Course Plan

Addon Courses


Teaching and Learning

  • Department Library

Department of commerce has a library having more than 200 books for reference to both teachers and students of the department. An issue register is maintained at the department to record the names and details of stakeholders who seeks the library facility.

  • Computer Laboratory

Department of commerce has a separate Computer Laboratory in Zakir Hussain block. All the computers are equipped with updated software and advanced technical aids to learn and facilitate computer related add-on courses and certificate courses for the students

  • Smart classrooms

Spacious, large and well-equipped classrooms with internet connectivity, and is equipped with the latest smart TV and teaching resources.

Special Education and Counselling

  • Counselling Support

We believe that emotional development is crucial to help students to engage with the world. In association with Department of Psychology, College is running a counselling centre in the administrative block to support for students with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Also Department itself coordinates various Counselling Sessions on life skills including safety, team work, leadership, self-esteem, coping with negative emotions and dealing with exam pressure, are provided for all students

  • Student Welfare

Our students come from various economic, social and academic backgrounds. As such, department has a wide range of interventions to cater to the individual needs of our students, including the Bridge Programme and the Remedial Programmes. Student Support and Progression

  • Bridge Courses to Overcome Gaps

Due to different learning experiences and backgrounds, our bridge courses have been designed to help students improve in subjects of commerce specialized in cooperation and computer application

  • Remedial Programme and Extra Assistance

Remedial interventions focus on building the student’s strengths, providing scaffolds during classroom activities to address gaps and supporting the student’s performance. Teachers are always available to support students with any worries they may have, inside and outside the classroom and carry out group and individual remediation

  • Special Needs Programme

Students with learning disabilities and exclusively for slow learners, department provides individual education programmes and conduct remedial education Other Activities :

  • Community outreach Programme

Department of commerce conduct number of outreach programs every year aims to help, uplift, and support those who are deprived of certain services and rights. It involves giving learning, social planning, health support, and other projects for their welfare

  • Alumni lecture Series

This was started in the year 2022 with the idea to host the alumni having all sorts of diverse profiles, to provide to the current batches, a glimpse of what they are doing in the industry, what students can expect in the area they wish to pursue and how they can prepare for the same.

  • Commerce Association

Commerce Association provides a platform for the students to exhibit their talents in various commerce oriented events and will also help them to enhance their analytical and decision making skills. The events which we offer will extend a platform to grasp team work, critical thinking, and creative learning and also to build self-confidence.

  • Inter-Collegiate Meets/Events

Department of Commerce conducts various Inter-Collegiate Meets/Events to encourage students to organize, participate and contribute by way of oral and written presentations to improve their presentation and communication skills.

  • Commerce Incubation Centre

Department of commerce currently on a Plan to start an Innovation and Incubation Centre aims to be a stepping-stone for its thriving incubates who are driven by passion to bring about a change and to be the change-makers. The Centre envisions to build a generation of solid minds with a rounded personality. Clubs under Department

  • Commerce Club

Commerce Club serves as a platform to give students awareness about the current business world, various trade activities and challenges faced by the corporate world. It provides a platform for students to exhibit their talents in various commerce oriented events and also help them to enhance their analytical and decision making skills.

  • ED Club

Entrepreneur Development club aims to provide our students with access, resources, and mentorship by conducting seminars, webinars and workshops to cultivate their interests in innovation to transform them into the future entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

  • Commerce Sports Club

The campus has got facilities for indoor games and an impressive ground for outdoor games. In association with these facilities, Department of commerce provides a Sports Club under the guidance of faculties of the department to increase physical endurance of students to explore in sports without compromising on their academics Best practices

  • Management meet

INSPIRA is an Inter Collegiate Management Meet conducted by Department of Commerce. The event is intended for showcasing the talents of students in various fields of commerce like marketing and management. It is a platform for mutual interactions and sharing of experience and inspire young people to develop their managerial skills

  • On the job training

Department commerce started this opportunity to students in 2010 to acquire new competencies and skills needed for a job in a real, or close to real working environment by MOU with leading institutions in the Malappuram District

  • Experiential Learning (Industrial Visits/Field Visits)

As a part of our endeavour to increase Institution-Industry interaction and create among the students an awareness and understanding of the practical aspects of the industry, students are given an opportunity to visit industrial units.


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