Postgraduate and Research Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry was started in 1991 with Chemistry as subsidiary subject for B.Sc. Home science course. Chemistry as main subject was started in 1993. 23 batches have successfully completed B.Sc. Chemistry course as on June 2018. The department conducted B.Sc. Industrial chemistry course in the vocational stream with the assistance of UGC during 1999-2004. Three batches completed the course with meritorious results. In 2013 the Department became a Post Graduate Department. The department started a certificate course in “House hold goods from rubber latex” from 2017 onwards.

Chemistry as a specialisation in science  deals with the nature and properties of various compounds and the large number of reactions taking place around us. The stimulating career options opened by chemistry are wide ranging and cover different aspects of the field. Chemistry plays an important and useful role towards the development and growth of a number of industries related to our day today life. This includes paper, textiles, leather, paints, petroleum plastics ,pharmaceuticals etc. Chemistry teaches useful skills that can be used in practical life. Research works in chemistry can lead to the production of new medicines for treating fatal diseases. A command over chemistry helps in distinguishing between chemicals and using them for appropriate reasons. There exists a  large number of job opportunities for a person with a degree in chemistry. More over  knowledge  in chemistry will help us to think and act in an environment friendly manner.

Department at a glance.

The Department of Chemistry was established in 1991 as a subsidiary department for B.Sc. Home Science programme .It became a full fledged main department in 1993 with B.Sc. Chemistry programme. Department of Chemistry started offering subsidiary course for B.Sc. Botany programme in 1996 when Department of Botany was established in the college. During the period 1999-2004, the department offered B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry as an Vocational programme with special financial aid from UGC. M.Sc. Chemistry was started as a regular government aided programme in the year 2013. The Department started certificate courses in the year 2017. Currently the Department of Chemistry offers B.Sc. Chemistry and M.Sc. Chemistry programmes and Complementary courses for B.Sc. Botany and B. Sc. Home Science programmes. At present there are 146 students  doing their B.Sc. and 40 students doing their M.Sc. in Chemistry. There are eight extremely capable , well qualified faculty members engaged in teaching with a strong motivation and commitment. The Department has completed all the formalities to upgraded as a research department.

Message From HOD

Warm  Greetings from the PG Department of Chemistry!!

Our department is catering to the needs  of students who love chemistry. The department has well equipped laboratories with good infrastructure. Students are  Faculty members are always striving to  advance their knowledge and level of competence for achieving further excellence by organising and attending seminars ,conferences and workshops besides taking up various administrative responsibilities. The faculty members also engage extensively in outreach and community development activities that benefit the welfare of the society .

Our department has long been home to students faculty and non teaching staff with diverse ethnic gender and religious identities. My colleagues and myself take immense pride in the successes of our students and alumni and we are always eager to hear from you…


To give a thorough grounding in the principles of chemistry, both in theory and in practical experience. To develop a sense of intellectual curiosity and an appreciation of the practical role of chemistry in life.


To produce scientifically literate graduates and post graduates with indepth knowledge of fundamental chemical principles and thus empower them to be productive citizens of the community.


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Course Plan



Department of Chemistry has a library consisting of 75 books in addition to 2000 books in the central library of KAHM Unity Women’s College. Chemistry Journals and periodicals in the library are Current Science, Science India, Down to Earth, Resonance, Chemistry Today, Science Reporter, and Sasthragathi


The department has three well equipped laboratories with store room and preparation room. The PG and UG laboratories have all the needed facilities like

  • Muffle furnace.
  • High sensitive electronic balance (four digits).
  • High sensitive electronic balance (three digits).
  • High sensitive electronic balance (two digits).
  • Computer (for conducting computational chemistry experiments).
  • Polarimeter
  • Refractometer
  • Potentiometers
  • Conductivity meters.
  • Digital flame photometer.
  • Nephelometer
  • Double distillation unit.
  • Hot air ovens.
  • Spectrophotometer
  • pH meter.
  • Centrifuge Machines.
  • Filtration Unit.
  • Vacuum Pump.
  • Colorimeter
  • Chromatographic Column.
  • Heating Mantle with regulator.
  • Magnetic Stirrer with Hot plate.
  • Melting Point Apparatus.
  • Electrical Bunsen burners.
  • Chemical balances.
  • Electrical Water Bath.


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Syllabus File
UNIVERSITY OF CALICUT M.Sc. CHEMISTRY (CBCSS PATTERN) Regulations and Syllabus with effect from 2019 admission Download Syllabus
General and Academic - Faculty of Science - Syllabus of BSc Chemistry Programme under CBCSS UG Regulations 2019 with effect from 2019 Admission onwards - Download Syllabus