Debate: “Do We Really Need Chemical Weapons and Pesticides? The Chemistry Association organized a thought-provoking debate centered on the necessity and implications of chemical weapons and pesticides in modern society on 16th November 2023. The debate aimed to foster critical thinking and awareness regarding the ethical, environmental, and humanitarian aspects surrounding these controversial subjects. Students were actively participated in the debate, highlighting their perspectives on the necessity, ethical concerns, and potential consequences associated with the use of chemical weapons and pesticides. Students debated the necessity of chemical weapons for national security and defense, juxtaposed against the ethical dilemmas posed by their catastrophic humanitarian impact. The discussion delved into the pivotal role of pesticides in agricultural productivity and food security, while examining the detrimental effects on ecosystems, biodiversity, and human health. Omiyah Ummer and Ms. Ajeesha were the moderators of the programme and Dr. Jamsheena was the Coordinator.

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