‘ CREATE HOPE THROUGH ACTION ‘ : World suicide prevention awareness session by third year bsc psychology students for UG final year students

World suicide prevention awareness session was organized by third year psychology students for UG final year students of other departments at Ac seminar hall on 15 th September 2023. The purpose of this session was to raise awareness about suicide prevention among youth including self empowerment to address self harm and suicide through preventative actions.It also include reducing social stigma and providing crucial resources to support those at risk were organized as part of the session.

The theme, “Creating Hope Through Action,” resonated throughout the session, underscoring the vital role each individual and community can play in preventing suicide. Speakers emphasized that hope is not just a feeling but a powerful force that can drive meaningful change.The session provided numerous benefits for students for increasing knowledge of the warning signs for suicidal tendency and of how to connect individuals in crisis with assistance and care.Student coordinators shared valuable information on the causes, symptoms, preventive action notified help line in preventing the chances of suicide death.

The World Suicide Prevention Awareness session was a powerful and enlightening event that brought together individuals and communities in our shared commitment to saving lives. suicide prevention is not only about awareness but also about compassion, support, and destigmatization. And remind that our collective efforts can make a difference,By supporting one another and promoting mental health, we can create a world where every life is valued and cherished. The sessions were handled by different students of final year bsc psychology students. Jeevani Counselor Mrs Muheena Thasneem, Dilshifa& Sudus (5th Bsc, psychology) were the teacher and student coordinator respectively.

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