Understanding Modern Kerala

                                          A New Course offered by the Department of History at the K.A.H.M Unity Women’s College Manjeri, Malappuram. This course provides an overview of the social, cultural, political and economic aspects in Modern Kerala from the colonial intervention in Kerala. It helps students in understanding the evolution of modern Kerala society and culture. This course is open to students of any faculty and applicants could be completing an under graduation Degree. The programme follows a comprehensive, concise and focused system different from the style followed in the classroom teaching. The sessions will be interactive and informal, aimed at helping students to prepare for answering questions on Modern Kerala History.

Course Objective

  1. To enable the students to understand the circumstances for the colonial intervention in Kerala.
  2. To introduce the students the inspiring incidents of early resistance movements against foreign domination in Kerala
  3. To enable the students to understand the role of individuals, institutions and popular movements in transforming the Kerala society.
  4. To enable the students to critically analyse the socio-political events in modern Kerala history.


Syllabus File
Understanding Modern Kerala-Syllabus Download Syllabus