Denim Upcycling

Course Description:

This course aims to teach students the art of denim upcycling, which involves transforming old or unwanted denim garments into new, functional, and stylish items. Students will learn various techniques and skills necessary for upcycling denim, such as cutting, sewing, embroidery, distressing, and embellishing. They will also explore sustainable fashion practices and the importance of reducing textile waste through creative recycling.


  1. Understand the concept and importance of denim upcycling.
  2. Identify different denim upcycling techniques and their applications.
  3. Develop basic sewing and embellishment skills needed for denim upcycling.
  4. Apply sustainable fashion practices through creative recycling and repurposing.
  5. Create functional and stylish upcycled denim items.


Syllabus File
Syllabus Denim Upcycling Download Syllabus