BSc Family And Community Science

Programme Outcomes

Home Science has contributed a great deal towards national development by training students to take up leadership roles in extension and community outreach programs. The students are encouraged to develop a scientific temper. Familiarizing them with the use of newer technologies, methods in family and community linkages, and sustainable use of resources for human development are the hall mark of education in Home Science. As a discipline Home Science integrates the ingredients of the sciences, social sciences and technology to facilitate the study of and enhance the quality of human life. Its approach is therefore inherently interdisciplinary. Traditionally, Home Science has adopted an ecological approach in its curriculum that engages the student through teaching, research and extension. The education process in Home Science underscores the importance of the individual’s dynamic relationship with his/her family, community and society as a whole, as well as with the resources in the environment. Higher education learning in Home Science subjects provides students the opportunity to sharpen their capacities with a sense of social responsibility. In contemporary times, Home Scientists promote capacity building of individuals and communities for social and economic empowerment. They train community women and youth from various strata of society for entrepreneurship. Many Home Scientists have done exceptionally well as entrepreneurs themselves. They do not remain job seekers but have also become job creators. They gain and provide employment in research organizations, food and textile industries, dietetic practice, education and child development domains, accreditation of green buildings, strategic planning and communication technologies. Keeping in view the growing aspirations of today’s youth and the capacity of Home Science discipline to deliver, the present 3-year Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) curriculum has been drawn. . The curriculum is well conceived for science students and gives them professional edge to develop marketable skills as well as pursue higher education. The curriculum is well conceived for needs of contemporary women.

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