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Manjeri Unity Women’s College Co-operative Society Ltd No. M539

Manjeri Unity Women’s College Co-operative Society is a co-operative venture of all staff and students of the college. Its primary objective is to avail all study materials and stationery at moderate rate. Its A class share is owned by staff members and B class share is owned by students. It is governed by a Director Board consisting of 6 A class members and 2 B class members. Principal of the college will be the ex-officio president of the society. One among the A class members of the Director board is appointed as the Honorary Secretary. He will be in charge of assets, accounts, daily receipts and disbursements, monetary aspects etc. Major portion of its profit is spent for the common welfare of the institution. Merit-cum-means scholarship is also given away from its profit.

The existing director board was elected on 03-02-2016. The members are: Dr. C. Saidalavi (ex-officio President), Muhammed Abdul Hakkeem C (Secretary), Fathima Shajitha TK, Ramlath PP, Naseera M, Sayed Basheer Husain Tangal, Fathima Shamna (student representative) and Irfana CP (student representative).





1. Dr. C. Saidalavi, Principal (Ex-officio President)
2. Sri. Muhammed Abdul Hakkeem C, Dept. of Physics ( Honorary Secretary)
3. Smt. Fathima Shajida, Dept. of Commerce
4. Smt. Ramlath Palanpadiyan Pathayapurakkal, LDC Clerk
5. Smt. Naseera Motatheeri, Lab Assistant
6. Sri. Basheer Husain Thangal, Librarian
7. Kum. Fathima Shamna (Student Representative)
8. Kum. Irfana CP (Student Representative)