Community Outreach Program (Papyrus)


On March 6th, 2024, the Department of Chemistry organized a community outreach program named “Papyrus” at Nazrath School in Manjeri. The focal point of this initiative was a paper bag making workshop conducted specifically for the students of the school. Fourth-semester chemistry students took charge of demonstrating and guiding the participants through the process of crafting paper bags. Beginning at 2:30 PM, the workshop aimed not only to educate the attendees on the importance of sustainability but also to instill practical skills and creativity. The engagement was palpable as students eagerly participated, learning firsthand the art of making eco-friendly paper bags. The collaborative effort between the chemistry students and the school community resulted in a successful event, fostering environmental awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the planet. Through such initiatives, the Department of Chemistry continues to make meaningful contributions to both education and environmental conservation. Dr. Jasna VC Coordinated the programme

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