Community Outreach Program (Energy Conservation)

The Department of Chemistry organized a community outreach program at Nazrath School, Manjeri, on 6th March 2024, focusing on raising awareness about energy conservation among the students. The event was meticulously controlled and managed by the proactive involvement of 4th semester BSc Chemistry students. Ms. Omniya, a 4th semester BSc Chemistry student, delivered an insightful awareness talk as part of the program. Her talk aimed to educate the students of Nazrath School about the importance of energy conservation and the role they can play in reducing energy consumption in their daily lives. Ms. Omniya commenced her talk by emphasizing the significance of conserving energy resources for environmental sustainability and the well-being of future generations. She highlighted various aspects of energy conservation, including its impact on climate change, depletion of natural resources, and economic benefits. Through real-life examples and interactive discussions, she effectively conveyed the message that every individual has a responsibility to conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to the awareness talk, pamphlets containing comprehensive information on energy conservation were distributed to all the students of Nazrath School. These pamphlets served as valuable resources, reinforcing the key messages delivered by Ms. Omniya and providing students with practical guidance on adopting energy-saving practices in their daily routines. Dr. Jamsheena V was the faculty coordinator.


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