Community Outreach Program (Periodic Table)

On 6th March 2024, the Department of Chemistry, in collaboration with the Chemistry Club, organized a community outreach program at Nazrath School, Manjeri. The primary objective of this program was to educate students about the periodic table and engage them in a fun and interactive learning experience. The program began with a brief introduction to the periodic table, its significance in chemistry, and the arrangement of elements based on their properties. Fourth-semester BSc Chemistry students, who took charge of controlling the program, facilitated this session. They utilized visual aids and engaging explanations to make the concept of the periodic table more accessible and understandable to the students. Following the introduction, a game was conducted to reinforce the learning objectives. The game involved rearranging the elements of the periodic table in the correct order. Students were divided into teams, and each team was tasked with arranging a set of element cards in the correct sequence. This activity not only tested their knowledge of the periodic table but also encouraged teamwork and collaboration among the participants. Throughout the program, the 4th semester BSc Chemistry students provided guidance and assistance to the students, ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to actively participate and learn. Their enthusiastic involvement contributed to creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment. The program concluded with a recap of key concepts covered during the session and an interactive Q&A session, allowing students to ask questions and clarify any doubts they may have had about the periodic table. Dr. Jamsheena was the faculty coordinator and Ms. Omniya Ummer was the student coordinator of the programme


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