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P.G. Department of Commerce

Commerce has emerged as one of the most potential pursuits in the wake of industrialization, economic development and techno-management revolution. It has grown from a subject to a full -fledged faculty in the most of the universities and colleges and had acquired a pride place amongst different academic disciplines. The growing phenomena of globalization, Liberalization and privatization has been influencing, commerce education. The technological revolution has further provided new dimensions. E-bnaking, e-financing, e-investment, paperless trading and governance have been gaining importance all over the world. At the same time the outsourcing business, call centers, small business operation, IT based Services etc. are expanding fast.

Commerce is considered as one of the most popular career options in India. Commerce education is the backbone of the business and serial development of the nation. It covers wide area of business and society. Further it provides skill oriented education to student and society.

It is in this context, department of commerce is offering two undergraduate programmes, viz. B.com with Co-operation as specialization and B.com with Computer Application as Vocational subject. Kerala enjoys the privilege of having the strongest Co-operative movement in the country providing job opportunities to lakhs of people. Careers in Co-operative organizations are particularly attractive to the women folk. The vocational programme in computer application equips students to meet the challenges in an ever changing IT and industrial sector.

Our Vision

“Employment through enterprise”

Our Mission

“Inculcating entrepreneurial traits among women in Malabar region”




B.Com. Co-operation 2017 Admission

B.Com. Computer Application (Vocational Stream) 2017 Admission

M.Com. 2015 Admission

B.Com. 2019 Admission

M.Com. 2019 Admission


Programme Outcomes (PO), Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO) and Course Outcomes (CO)

B.Com. Co-orperation

B.Com. Computer Application (Vocational Stream)


Result Analysis

B.Com. Co-operation

B.Com. Co-operation 2011-14

B.Com. Co-operation 2012-15

B.Com. Co-operation 2013-16

B.Com. Co-operation 2014-17

B.Com. Co-operation 2015-18

B.Com. Computer Application

B.Com. CA 2012-15

B.Com. CA 2013-16

B.Com. CA 2014-17

B.Com. CA 2015-18


M.Com. 2016-18


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Academic Year 2017-18 View
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