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College Rules: Issue Of Certificates

  1.  The University shall issue to the students’ grade/marks card (by online) on completion of each semester, which shall contain the following information:
    • Name of University
    • Name of College
    • Title of UG Programme
    • Semester concerned
    • Name and Register Number of student
    • Code number, Title and Credits of each Course opted in the semester
    • Letter grade in each course in the semester
    • The total credits, total credit points and SGPA in the Semester (corrected to three decimal places)
  2.  The final Grade card issued at the end of the final semester shall contain the details of all courses taken during the entire programme including those taken over and above the prescribed minimum credits for obtaining the degree. The final grade card shall show CGPA (corrected to three decimal places), percentage of marks (corrected to two decimal places) and the overall letter grade of a student for the entire programme.
  3. The final grade card shall also include the CGPA and percentage of marks of common courses, core courses, complementary courses and open courses separately. This is to be done in a 10- point indirect scale. The final Grade card also contains the list of Audit courses passed and the details of Extra credits.