Chuvadu – Three Days Camp

Our NSS unit (008 & 171) started a two day pre-camp ‘CHUVADU ‘at our college campus on 5 PM , friday evening. The camp conducted on 19-08-2022 to 21-08-2022 . Opening ceremony held at Azadi square.Irfana NK from 3rd sem BSc.Chemistry gave a welcome speech in the opening ceremony of the camp . Our invited guest for Inauguration was Dr.Basheer Sir , principal of our college. Basheer sir could not attend our opening ceremony due to tight schedule. Our Programme officer Dr. Hikmathulla. V inaugurated the opening ceremony on behalf of Basheer Sir. Opening ceremony ended on 5:45 PM.

Guest Session

The first session started on 7:00 PM in front of Library. The session was given by Arabic department HOD Dr.Noushadali. The interactive session was very interesting and mind blowing. Sir taught us about gaining success through a game , which was very effective and enjoyable. Learning through listening and experience are the key of this session. Sir taught many things through games and practices. The session was really wonderful and as first session it was very effective. The session completed on 9:30 PM. Then We gathered in canteen for dinner . Cultural programmes started on 10:15 PM . Volunteers were very active and performed different types of programmes. Teachers also supported and participated in programme. Cultural programmes ended by 11:45 PM. First day of Our camp was really amazing and unforgettal in every way .

Second Day

Our NSS unit ( 008 & 171 )conducted different types of programmes on 2nd day of our camp . Trekking was the first activity on second day .


Volunteers assembled on 6:30 AM at the college entrance after freshened up . Programme officers Dr.Hikmathulla. V & Dr.Jasna VC , Dr. Noushadali , Amras Ameen Sir , Nayana Mam and Jamsheer sir guided us to the trekking of Unity hills. We reached at the top of unity hills on 6:45 AM . We watched Sun rise and spend a little time together. Then We climbed down and arrived at college on 7:45 AM .


We got gathered at college canteen for breakfast on 8: 15 AM . Respective mess team distributed food. After that we got half an hour break till 9:00 AM . The we again gathered in front of the administrative block on 9 :15 AM . Cleaning of the campus was the next activity on morning session . We get splitted into six different groups as fixed earlier.  Each group got six different areas in college for cleaning . All groups done their best to make the vollege clean , neat and beautiful.  The work completed on 11: 30 AM . Then we got a  break for freshening and prayer till 1: 30 PM .   On 1:30 PM volunteers gathered at canteen for lunch . Mess team prepared a super lunch for the volunteers and supplied the food to volunteers and teachers . After 2:15 PM the volunteers got time to practice for the mid night cultural programmes till 3:45 PM . Mess team of evening schedule distributed tea and buiscuit  to volunteers on 4: PM .

Official Inauguration

Volunteers assembled at the Debate Corner on 4:00 PM. Irfana Nk welcomed the Principal to our official inaugural ceremony . We thanked sir for allowing to conduct our two day camp at college. Principal Dr.Basheer officially inaugurated our camp . Sir adviced us to do more works and to be a humanbeing who helps others without expecting anything . This session ended at 4:30 PM.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt started on 4:40 PM at Debate Corner . Volunteers from department of Psychology conducted the thrilling treasure hunt. We were very excited and thrilled . The clues were the evidence of brilliance of every volunteers. At first , six teams got six different clues . Then each team ran to find the next clues . Group 1 Won the game. This game could improve the coordination and leadership qualities of all groups and volunteers. The game was really enjoyable and mind cracking. The game ended on 6:15 PM and some students gave their feedback . The meeting ended on 6 :30 PM.

Guest Session

The session started on 7:30 PM . Invited guest was Ashraf Karuvarakundu sir , Teacher&motivater. As sir arrived at 8:15 PM due to tight schedule , students gave their feedback on the previous games and programmes at the mean time . Sir started class on 8 :15 PM on topic ‘Social service’ The session was very interesting with different types of games and each game concluded to a meaningful message. The session really was very helpful to us as NSS volunteers. It gave us how to improve our attitudes and behaviour as NSS volunteer and how to do social services with more impact . The class can mould out NSS volunteers with quality from our college and we are happy that , session handled by a right person for the topic


Cultural Programme

Cultural programmes started on 11:00 PM after a wonderful session. All volunteers from ten departments performed different programmes . All performance was really amazing. Everyone tried their best to participate in programmes like group song ,dance , oppana . Our teachers also performed in this session . They were really supportive to us and helps in everything we have done. This session makes the camp cheerful and more enjoyable. Also it gives a chance for everyone to show their hidden talents also to erase the stage fear . Everyone enjoyed and this was the last night of our camp. This camp gave us many memories last forever.

Third Day

We held a closing ceremony on last day of our ‘Chuvadu’ camp . First activity of the last day was hostel cleaning . We started cleaning on 7:15 AM and ended on 8:00 AM . After freshened up we gathered at the canteen for breakfast on 9:00 AM .

Closing ceremony started on 9:45 AM at Debate Corner . This session was really beautiful and All members of our NSS units got chance to tell about the two day camp, To share their experiences and the memories they got in these days. programme officers Dr.Hikmathulla. V and Dr.Jasna VC talked to us and encouraged to do more works like this. This session was the evaluation of our camp . Every volunteers gave their suggestions to improve the next camp and assured to avoid little negatives which happened during this camp . This camp was really effective and completely satisfied our major aim which is to mingle and be cooperative with each volunteers. This session was really wonderful. Everyone got to know more about each others and thsir perspective through this session. This was the last session of ‘Chuvadu’ . The session ended on 12 :00 PM and our meeting dispersed.



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