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P.G. Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry was started in 1991 with Chemistry as subsidiary subject for B.Sc. Home science course. Chemistry as main subject was started in 1993. 23 batches have successfully completed B.Sc. Chemistry course as on June 2018. The department conducted B.Sc. Industrial chemistry course in the vocational stream with the assistance of UGC during 1999-2004. Three batches completed the course with meritorious results. In 2013 the Department became a Post Graduate Department. The department started a certificate course in "House hold goods from rubber latex" from 2017 onwards.

Our Vision

To develop a sense of intellectual curiosity concerning chemical theory and an appreciation of the practical role of chemistry in life.

Our Mission

1. To give a thorough grounding in the principle of chemistry, both in theory and in practical experience.
2. To produce scientifically literate graduates and post graduates with a broad and deep knowledge of fundamental chemical principles.



B.Sc. Chemistry 2014 Admission

B.Sc. Chemistry 2019 Admission

M.Sc. Chemistry 2015 Admission

M.Sc. Chemistry 2019 Admission


B.Sc. Chemistry

M.Sc. Chemistry


B.Sc. Chemistry

B.Sc. Chemistry 2011-14

B.Sc. Chemistry 2012-15

B.Sc. Chemistry 2013-16

B.Sc. Chemistry 2014-17

B.Sc. Chemistry 2015-18

M.Sc. Chemistry

M.Sc. Chemistry 2013-15

M.Sc. Chemistry 2014-16

M.Sc. Chemistry 2015-17

M.Sc. Chemistry 2016-18


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