Celebrating Hindi Diwas at KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri

he aim of organizing an essay writing competition and poster making competition on the occasion of Hindi Diwas celebrations at KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri, is to promote the importance of the Hindi language, foster linguistic diversity, and encourage students to express their thoughts creatively.


To celebrate the linguistic diversity of India and raise awareness about the significance of Hindi Diwas. To provide a platform for students to showcase their writing and artistic talents. To promote the use of Hindi as a means of communication and cultural expression. To instill a sense of pride in our rich linguistic heritage and national identity. To encourage students to reflect on the role of Hindi in our daily lives and its contribution to our cultural tapestry. Concept: The concept behind these competitions is to engage students in meaningful activities that not only celebrate the Hindi language but also enable them to explore their creative potential. The essay writing competition encourages participants to delve into the history, cultural relevance, and contemporary importance of Hindi. On the other hand, the poster making competition allows students to visually represent the essence of Hindi Diwas and its role in our diverse nation.

Conclusion: The celebration of Hindi Diwas through essay writing and poster making competitions at KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri, serves as a reminder of the linguistic and cultural diversity that defines India. These competitions empower students to embrace their cultural heritage, express their ideas, and contribute to the promotion of Hindi. By fostering an appreciation for Hindi and its significance, we not only celebrate a language but also strengthen the bonds that unite our nation.

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