Camps Attended by NCC Cadets in The Month of September

Following cadets attended RDC Inter Battalion Camp from 17th to l3rd September, loll held at NCC Head Quarters, Calicut.

1.UO AYISHA ANAINA (5th Sem BA English)

2.CDT FATHIMA DILRAZ KC (3rd Sem BSc FCS) 3.LCPL AYISHA RISNI K(3rd sem BSc phychology)

4.CDI AKIFA ANJOOM(3rd sem BSc phychology)

5.CDI DEVIKA S ANAND(3rd sem BSc mathematics)

6.CDI AISWARYA K (5th sem BSc Botany)

7.CDI VISMYA VINOD PC (3rd Sem Bsc Mathematics)

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