Bridge Course for First-Year BA History Students

The Department of History organized a Bridge Course for the first-year BA History students with the aim of introducing them to various aspects of the program and providing guidance on academic and career pathways. The course was held on 02 August 2023 and featured four staff members who delivered presentations on different topics related to the discipline of History.

Session Details:

1. Program Structure and Requirements Resource Person: Jaseena C

In this session, Jaseena C, Assistant Professor and tutor of first year BA History, provided an overview of the program structure and requirements for the BA History course. She explained the core subjects, elective options, and credit distribution. Jaseena C also highlighted the importance of curriculum planning and the significance of meeting academic prerequisites.

2. Student Support Services and Internal Assessment – Resource Person: Faizal TK

Faizal TK, Assistant Professor and tutor of final year BA History, department, conducted a session on student support services and internal assessment. He discussed the various support services available to students, such as academic counseling, library resources, and extracurricular activities. Faizal TK also explained the internal assessment system, including the evaluation methods and grading criteria.

3. History as a Discipline Resource Person: Shabeermon

Shabeermon, Head, department of History, delivered a presentation on the significance of History as a discipline. He emphasized the role of history in understanding the present, analyzing societal changes, and preserving cultural heritage. Shabeermon also discussed the various methodologies and approaches used in historical research.

4. Career Pathways and Opportunities in History Resource Person: Dr. Shiji K P

Dr. Shiji K P, Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc) and tutor of Second year BA History, enlightened the students on the career pathways and opportunities available in the field of History. She provided insights into the diverse career options, such as academia, research institutions, museums, archives, and public service. Dr. Shiji K P also discussed the skills and qualifications required to excel in these professions. The Bridge Course organized by the Department of History proved to be highly informative and beneficial for the first-year BA History students. Jaseena C served as the coordinator for the Bridge Course, ensuring smooth organization and coordination of the sessions.

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