Bridge course – Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics, in collaboration with the Department Quality Assurance Cell (DQAC), organized a Bridge Course Orientation Programme for the first-semester BSc Mathematics students. The primary aim of the event was to introduce the students to various courses and faculty members of the BSc Mathematics Programme.

The Bridge Course Orientation Programme commenced at 9.30 am with an opening address by Mr. Abdul Rof V, welcoming the first-semester BSc Mathematics students. He emphasized the importance of the course in providing a strong foundation for their academic journey. The keynote speakers of programme were,

1. Mr. Noushad Ali PK – Assistant Professor of Arabic 2. Dr. Poornima R – Assistant Professor of English 3. Mr. Haris U – Assistant Professor of Computer Science 4. Dr. Hikmathulla V – Assistant Professor of Malayalam 5. Ms. Farsana M – Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc) of Statistics 6. Dr. Bajeel PN – Assistant Professor of Mathematics.

Following the welcome address each faculty member introduced their respective disciplines, providing insights into the different courses of the BSc Mathematics programme. They outlined the key topics and methodologies of assessment and evaluation that students would encounter during their studies.

Ms. Ashitha PA, as the DQAC Coordinator, explained the role of the DQAC in ensuring academic quality and encouraged students to actively engage with the department’s resources.

Throughout the programme, students had the opportunity to interact with the faculty members, ask questions, and gain valuable information to guide them in their academic pursuits.The insights shared by the faculty members will undoubtedly help the students make informed decisions about their academic paths.

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