Blood Donation 30/09/2023

Blood donation is critical for saving lives during emergencies, surgeries, and for patients with chronic illnesses. By donating blood, individuals directly impact the well-being of their communities and contribute to national health security.

As a part of Gandhi Jayanti, Four NCC cadets of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri – CDT Hasna M (3rd Sem BSc Botony), CDT Hasna Shirin MC (3rd Sem BSc Botony), CDT Thamannah K (1st Sem BCom CA) and CDT Renna Lehan P (1st Sem BCom Cooperation) donated their blood to blood blank of Govt. Medical College Manjeri on 30th September 2023. The blood donation was aimed at encouraging students to step forward and donate blood. The main objectives were to sensitize the need to donate blood to the needy in time, to instill the feeling of helping others to breathe life with their precious donation, to impart to them the value of blood donation, and to be aware of scientific information about the blood group. The blood donation was coordinated by ANO Lt. Loosiya KP.

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