Analysis of the feedback provided for the three-day induction program held on 08, 14, and 16 August 2023

*Positive Aspects Highlighted:* 1. *Structure and Presentation:* Many participants found the current structure and presentation of the program to be excellent. 2. *Teacher Engagement:* Participants appreciated the teachers’ efforts in sharing their ideas and clearing doubts. They liked the teachers’ presentations and the way information was conveyed. 3. *Content Satisfaction:* Overall, participants were satisfied with the content covered during the induction program. They felt that all sessions were informative and well-organized. 4. *Engagement and Interest:* Several participants expressed their interest in actively participating and engaging during the sessions. 5. *Teacher Dedication:* Positive feedback was given to the dedication of teachers and NSS volunteers in conducting the program.

*Suggestions and Areas for Improvement:* 1. *Additional Subjects:* There’s a suggestion to include civil service coaching and more psychology classes on mental health to enrich the program. 2. *Presentation Style:* Some participants felt that the program could have been more engaging and attractive in its presentation. 3. *Session Timing:* A few sessions were mentioned to have taken too much time, while others were cut short. Some participants recommended better time management. 4. *Variety and Interaction:* Suggestions were made to include more physical activities, interactive sessions, and icebreakers for a more engaging experience. 5. *Technical Issues:* Some participants mentioned problems with the microphone, affecting the program’s flow. It’s suggested to address technical issues for smoother presentations.

*Mixed Feedback:* 1. *Cultural Programs:* While some found the cultural programs enjoyable, others felt that there was a lack of time for them and suggested allocating more time.

*Overall Program Perception:* 1. The general sentiment towards the program was positive, with many participants praising its organization and structure. 2. Some participants found it to be a very useful and informative class, helping them understand the college better.

*Areas of Discomfort:* 1. *Seat Duration:* A few participants were uncomfortable with prolonged sitting in the same seat, suggesting that this could be improved. 2. *Loss of Respect:* Some students observed that the noise created by the students in the middle of few sessions led to a decline in respect towards teachers, which could be addressed.

*Suggestions for the Future:* 1. *Motivation and Confidence:* A suggestion was made for a motivation program to inspire students to approach the three-year program with confidence. 2. *Seniors’ Interaction:* A recommendation was given for a brief interactive session with seniors and faculty from different departments to help first-year students overcome the fear of the new atmosphere.

*Overall, the feedback is mixed with positive elements and suggestions for improvement, focusing on engaging presentations, session timing, technical issues, and a more interactive experience. Participants appreciated the efforts of the teachers and volunteers but suggested minor adjustments to enhance the program’s impact.*

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