Staff Club Executive

1 Dr. U. Muhammed Basheer Ummathur Principal Chemistry
2 Jaseena. C Staff Club Secretary History
3 Dr.Fousi.K Member Zoology
4 Dr.Fathimathu Zuhara.N.V Member FCS
5 Mr. Muhammed Abdul Hakeem C Member Physics
6 Haris.U Member Computer Science
7 Noushadali P.K Member Arabic
8 Dr. Usman.A Member Botany
9 Reena C.M Member English
10 Haseena Jasmine Member Commerce
11 Dr. Jamsheena .V Member Chemistry
12 Dr. Bajeel Ahamed Member Mathematics


Staff Club

Staff club conducted a Faculty focus programme on 31 st August 2022. Mr.Shihabul Haq M, Assistant Professor of Computer...

Session on Financial Literacy

Government of India, Department of Posts and KAHM Unity Women’s College Staff club jointly conducted a financial literacy session...